Sunday, 1 September 2013

Obama's invincible stupidity --- pitied.

Richard Fernandez:

"Obama handed Syria, Russia and Iran a huge victory. Gave it to them on a platter with his vaunting, invincible stupidity. In the process ....  he will have emboldened the Ayatollahs to forge ahead with their nuclear ambitions. He will have encouraged Russia to make a comeback in the region. We will shortly feel these effects in Egypt, Iran and even in Europe.       He has also destroyed himself. It was painful to watch, even to those who had no particular fondness for him. There is always something inexpressibly sad about seeing a great thing die, whether it is a ship, a whale, an enfeebled giant, or a puffed up fantasy".

This used to be a great country

What am I missing?  How can everyone on the left and right, in America and abroad be right about the American President being wrong?  Contrarianism says don't believe them.  It's too easy to mock this man.
(Update: One answer is that he is wrecking in on purpose although it wasn't meant to be so embarrassing personally [Douthat]).

UPDATE: Indictment posted at Instapundit:  Despite this, we know the American president isn't going there. He's chosen to blame his retreat on congress.
Or, "I'm with Stupid"

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