Saturday, 28 June 2014

BC has almost no private property. Rentseekers' Paradise

The Supreme Court decision expanding property rights to native bands and money going into Stop-the-Pipeline fervour makes sense because BC is 95% crown land.  It's easy to lobby one Liberal institution instead of thousands of landholders who don't agree with you.  The Ministry of Lands and Forests brags about this state-control on their crown land page.  They should be ashamed, instead.

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Overreaching control of land assures misallocation of resources in BC.  Our private areas are strips along rivers, the Fraser delta, some farmable country in the Peace River and a pleasant chunk of Vancouver Island. The owned lands look like flecks of paint on this map of BC.

Compare crown land in Ontario.  The settled south is mostly owned by individuals.  There will be no large scale exclusion or give away here.  Northern Ontario is a different story.

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  1. so crown land giving local interest a priority to international stakeholders is a bad thing? dont worry bc crown land is pretty well just the piggy bank for of natural resources for the world at large.