Sunday, 7 September 2014

Frequent strikes pave the Dodo road. Hello BCTF

You can predict teacher's unions will be left behind by history because of their strike behaviour.
From comments at, Big Momma writes:
"It has been my observation over the years, that when a group starts to strike often, then that profession is going the way of the dinosaur. Drywall was invented in the late 50's because of all the strikes by the plasterers - anyone can install drywall (a bit more skill is needed to install on ceilings). Again, there were many strikes by the milkmen in the early 60's - we now buy our eggs and milk in the grocery store, no more home deliveries.
The teachers in the public school seem to strike ever 3 or 4 years in all of the provinces. It is my belief that more parents will be sending their children to private or charter schools and sucking up the extra expense, so that they will not have to deal with this nonsense and be held to ransom all the time. OT, I also think that Canada Post will be a much smaller presence in 10 years, again because of all the strikes. With the last strike in 2012, I had all my bills delivered on-line and I pay them on-line. Enough with all this nonsense!"

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