Saturday, 29 November 2014

Raising the Minimum Wage spurs Innovation

Pizza Hut developed a toppings screen that tells by where you point your eyes that you want shrimp, tandoori chicken and olives on your pizza.   
The London Yo Sushi restaurant uses drones to deliver to your table.

Forget about 18%, 15% or 10%.  When younger I couldn't afford to tip if I took my family to a buffet.  Now it's easy but I don't need a guilt trip to make a tip.   Let's save that for exceptional service.
If you want fast food, there's the hamburger machine that grinds the meat, mixes beef with pork, slices the tomato and pickle while perfectly grilling the bug and patty, and no tip expected either. Should taste pretty good.  Frees kids and college grads from dead end jobs.

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