Monday, 31 August 2015

Garbage is becoming illegal

On the dumpster at our shop this preposterous sticker has been added.  Almost every form of waste is outlawed.

Put the burden back on the dump operators to sort it out. Garbage collection is no longer a paid service, it is indentured service.


  1. I agree!!!!! Garbage is part of human living and has been since any records of human existence; otherwise, the field of archaeology would not exist.

    Municipalities are going too far on banning behaviour of many many kinds, and have forgotten that one of their core roles, that we pay for, is garbage removal. We have a lot of land in Canada, so we just have to use it. If we have to drive garbage trucks further, add that to the cost of relentless immigration.

    I now spend probably a hour per week sorting garbage and going to the re-cycling centre to get bottle refunds. While the city pays for garbage, it does not do so for stratas, so we pay for private services that give no refunds, plus we pay eco fees, so I am paying several times for the same object.

    The 800 sq foot apartments in cities do not have enough kitchen space to sort garbage, so many people will not comply. Your company is particularly insane in not allowing thin plastic wrap in garbage. I am NOT going to separate dead food from the plastic it is wrapped in EVER, likely old brocolli. They gave me a cute little pail for stuff like corn cobs and chicken bones, but that is it as far as I go for recycling kitchen waste! Can they seriously re-cycle dog-poop bags? Actually, my dog poops on the balcony mostly, so I use toilet paper and flush it.

    Rinsing everything for container bins uses water - so do you want me to rinse out the chili bean can during a period of water conservation or just chuck it?

    Manufacturers also are to blame for over-packaging. And so it Health Canada and Canada Post for junk paper. I smoke, so my ciggies come in a paper container, have a paper insert I never read, covered with thin plastic. If I am watching a movie, I might take them apart, but mostly this is a waste of my life, as I think a lot of recycled stuff ends up in the dump anyway.

    If they don't like plastic bags, bring back paper bags. Cloth bags are not hygenic and need to washed at high temperatures.

    I find some value in re-cycling, but like many progressive banning schemes, this has gone way too far.

    When I am older, I will not be able to do this. When my mom died in another province, she had phone books from 1959-2000 and many paint and other solvents. Municiple taxes should pay for garbage and road repairs and ensure employees avoid paid Agenda 21 conventions.

    End of rant!

  2. Make dumps dumps again - allow scavengers to take anything they see value in, then incinerate the rest. Maybe the slag will be worth refining, otherwise bury it. Scientific consensus has made it clear that Mother Earth doesn't really care what we do (Our demise would just open a new page in Earth's diary), meanwhile we've become quite skilled at reducing pollution and sustaining ever larger populations. Hump te dumpies.