Saturday, 6 August 2011

Pakistan running out of friends - Strategy Page.

Despite cozying up to China recently, Pakistan has been scolded for sheltering Uighur terrorists who strike in China but train in Pakistan.  Uighur terrorists are part of Al Qaeda.    Al Qaeda blames Pakistan for the death of Bin Laden.  Pakistan and the ISI have increasingly been in an (undeclared) war with the CIA.  The US forced Pakistan to ease up on restrictions on American diplomats.    The ISI receives bad publicity for using death squads against anti-government rebels in SW Pakistan (Baluchistan). Only the Haqqani terror group in North Waziristan is playing along with Pakistan and it is under heavy attack by the Americans. The unrelenting hostility directed towards India completes the story but isn't described here.
   Extended story at Strategy Page.
Update:  China's charge against Pakistan is real but the facts may be bogus.  See article at China Digital TImes.
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