Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Anti-Fracking outcry compared to Salem witch trials. Misleading EPA fracking test may be single most productive moment in EPA history. UPDATE

The second link shows foes of fracking powering up with EPA's  'contamination' report and the first link goes to the background story about the EPA's unexpected natural gas find.

In 2009, the EPA test-drilled three times deeper than existing Wyoming water wells and discovered hydrocarbons in the aquifer.  They had actually drilled into a new natural gas reservoir 900 ft. down.  "It may be he single most productive moment in EPA history.”  Their misleading and just-released report on the Pavillion, Wyoming tests says "Ground water in the aquifer contains compounds likely associated with gas production practices, including hydraulic fracturing"

The Fiscal Times continues provocatively on the Anti-Frackers: "Not since the Salem witch trials has there been such an uproar about an imagined threat".  h/t Instapundit. 
 "The green lobby pounced on the EPA announcement like slavering Dobermans thrown a dead chicken. Steve Jones, an environmentalist with the Wyoming Outdoor Council, admitted as much saying, "This is an important first indication there are potential problems with fracking that cam impact domestic water wells.” Imagine -- all the headlines, marches, protests and legal actions to date have been based on…not much."  (Link shows a concerned local (on the right) looking at water from the new hydrocarbon reservoir.  Senator Inhofe is demanding answers when he should be asking for better data.)

Commenter Dale points to this 60 second video at Coyote Blog.
"(Anti-Fracking) Environmentalists discussed lying about the science and duping the courts in order to score a big payday for themselves".

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